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Sarah | Sacramento CA Senior Portraits
| November 29th, 2009 |

Sarah is a senior at Cordova High School just outside of Sacramento. She is the yearbook editor for her school, and as such she knew she wanted some cool and unique photos. Sarah has some cool style and we picked a super cool “undisclosed” location and had an absolute blast taking her senior portraits on an unseasonably warm Thanksgiving weekend here in the Central Valley.

SarahEdmondson0104-1 Untitled-1

Sarah Edmondson072-1

Sarah Edmondson099-1 Sarah Senior Portrait 2

Sarah Edmondson105

Zach Niles is a Wedding, Commercial, and Portrait Photographer for Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield and San Jose areas.

April 10, 2010
gary said:

Nice template , what is the name of tamplate you used in your website

April 10, 2010
Forrest said:

Its custom built, but I'm sure Kevin wouldn't mind some more business =)


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The Wells Family | Visalia Family Photography
| November 27th, 2009 |

My Neighbors stopped by becuase they “heard a photographer lived next door”. A matter of fact one does, so I did a family portrait, right there on the spot, off the cuff. I don’t think they came out half bad myself, have a look!

Untitled-1 Well's114 Well's148 Well's151 Well's158 Wells022 Wells031 Wells055 Wells057

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Tamara and Erik | Malibu Engagement Photography
| October 17th, 2009 |

Students at Pepperdine University, Tamara and Erik decided to have their engagement photos up in the hills and down on the beach. This was our first time integrating video in to a photo shoot, the video was shot with a Nikon D90 and still images were taken with a Nikon D3.

The success of  the “video portrait” taken during this photo shoot has inspired us to revamp our offerings completely, expect to see a lot more video in the future, and see a videographer joining the ranks very soon!

T E21 T E25 T E61 T E80 T E172 T E178 T E239 T E248 Untitled-1

April 8, 2010
Natalie said:

I love the picture of the couple kissing with the #2 in the background. Fantastic!!!

April 14, 2010
Nathan said:

This is my new favorite engagement session. The pictures are beautiful and they look so in love. I especially love the one of them sitting on the dock from behind. Great job!

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Pierce Family | Visalia Family Photography
| September 26th, 2009 |

What do you get when you take 6 people, baby, and an alfalfa field? The answer? Some pretty cool family photos.

Many thanks to the Pierce family, life long family friends of  my parents and I for thinking of my when family portrait time came along!

Hope to see you next year!

PierceFamily -3 PierceFamily -14 PierceFamily -40 PierceFamily -75 PierceFamily -84 Untitled-1 PierceFamily -115Untitled-2

April 14, 2010
Henry Edson said:

I came across your blog, i think your blog is cool, keep us posting.

April 14, 2010
Matt said:

Interesting post i totally agree with the comments above. Keep us posting

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Funny Cam! | Visalia Wedding Photography
| September 01st, 2009 |

Wedding reception fun at it’s finest!

funny cam 4 funny cam 5 funny cam 6 funny cam 7 funny cam 1 funny cam 2 funny cam 3

April 8, 2010
Jodi said:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the guestbook!!

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James and Lindsay | San Jose Engagement Photography
| August 28th, 2009 |

Whoever said that playgrounds were just for kids never met James and Lindsay. Lindsay played softball at Pepperdine University and we met her because we photographed her friends Chris and Bryn. We love it when we can get great referrals from past clients, and it is always great to see past wedding clients at other weddings, it makes photographing weddings so much fun . James and Lindsey are getting married on June 19th 2010, and their wedding is going to be in San Jose California.

J L016 J L021 J L035 Untitled-2 J L054 J L060 J L084 Untitled-1

Forrest Cavale and Zach Niles are Wedding, Commercial, and Portrait Photographers for Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield and San Jose areas

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Brad & Becca | Visalia Engagement Photography
| May 09th, 2009 |

Vroop! 001 Vroop! 003 Vroop! 004 Vroop! 005 Vroop! 007 Vroop! 008

October 2, 2011
Olive said:

so beautiful, so tender.

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Preston Castle Model Shoot| California Fashion Photography
| April 11th, 2009 |

Went up to Ione California last weekend to shoot some models with 12 other RockStar Photographers from Central California and the Bay Area. Many thanks to:

Raquelle Siders (our amazing makeup artist)
Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Makeup Academy

Diamond Bridal Gallery

AGAPE Designs (funky non-wedding dresses)

Preston Castle
Ione, CA

Dan and Caroline (you did an amazing job setting all of this up)

Preston Castle Fashion Shoot 5 FCP_3030 copy

FCP_2826 FCP_3035 FCP_3239 Preston Castle Fashion Shoot 1 FCP_3078 copy Preston Castle Fashion Shoot 2Preston Castle Fashion Shoot 4Rough Castle 10Preston Castle Fashion Shoot 3IMG_2946 toilet

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