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Preston Castle Model Shoot| Behind the Scenes
| April 11th, 2009 |

There were a lot of amazing photographers at the Preston Castle Model Shoot. Here are some behind the scenes photos.

Scott Andrew taking some video with his Flip cam.

Castle BTS002The interesting angles of Sam Hassas

Castle BTS004

Scott AndrewCastle BTS006

Orbie PullenCastle BTS007 Castle BTS010

Raquelle Siders doing some makeup magicCastle BTS011

Sam Hassas, his sexiness makes me want to buy a black turtleneck. Castle BTS013

The man, they myth, the legend… Orbie Pullen

Castle BTS019

Orbie Pullen and Scott Andrew speedlight battling. Castle BTS021 A little behind the scenes of our cemetery setup. Three ProFoto Acute heads, Beauty Dish in front, Sun in back, and two heads sandwiching the models.Castle BTS022


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