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| May 29th, 1982 |


Sisters 2Sisters 4T E10T E11T E21T E172T E178T E239T E248T G_004T G_005Teaser001Teaser004teaser011THX097Untitled-1Vroop! 001Vroop! 003B N0109BM'sbrad and becca 1C B 165C B 412C B 442C B 511Chris and Alisa's Wedding Photographs004Chris and Alisa's Wedding Photographs005Chris and Alisa's Wedding Photographs013FCP_3932group compGroups 087Groups004Hillari and Nathan-193Hillari and Nathan-225Hillari and Nathan-1066Hillari and Nathan-1227J G008J L054J L060Jaime and Gio 3Jaime and Gio 4James and Lindsay_0063James and Lindsay_0151James and Lindsay_0181James and Lindsay_0423mike and ally 1mike and ally 4P D0232P P 1P P003

January 5, 2011
Glenna said:

Wow! I love your photos. And I am particularly in love with your shoe shots.


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