We exclusively use Vision Art Book for our wedding albums. Vision art offers, in our opinion (and we did a lot of research), the highest quality product on the market and they are hand bound using fine art archival paper and inks. There is some flexibility in the pages, but they will not tear or dog-ear. These albums feature true lay flat bindings which allow beautiful un-cut panoramic spreads, and custom hardbound covers. These books are delivered in a decorative bag for protection. Standard sizes are seven, ten, and twelve inch square albums which allow for beautiful panorama’s of up to twenty four inches wide. Your beautifully printed matte book comes with 15 spreads but can accommodate up to 45 spreads (for an additional fee). The number of photos on each spread is up to you.

Click here (faster download) or click here (higher quality)  to see examples of a first draft layout which will be sent to the bride who gets two revisions to customize the album to her liking.

Photo guest books are made using a different process than our wedding albums and allow for up to 160 pages of custom created images and greetings by your guests. These books feature premium paper, traditional stitched bindings, and custom hardbound covers. Photo guest books are available in seven and twelve inch square sizes.

Click here to see an example of a complete photo guest book.

The following pictures are examples of our albums:

albums 1

Above: Vision Art Wedding Album: lay flat pages, fine art archival paper, custom hardcover binding, and archival ink printing.

albums 2

Above Left: 10 inch vision art wedding album with custom hardbound cover, and 12 inch vision art wedding album with custom hardbound cover and optional dust jacket.

Above Right: lay flat vision art wedding album  vs. traditional stitched photo guest book pages.

albums 3

Above: Photo guest book: traditional stitched binding, premium paper, and custom guest greetings.


Above: Decorative vision art wedding album bag


Above top to bottom: 7 inch photo guest book with optional dust jacket, 10 inch vision art wedding album, 12 inch photo guest book, and 12 inch vision art wedding album with optional dust jacket.