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Chris and Bryn | Redding Wedding Photography
| July 12th, 2008 |

Chris and Bryn are another Pepperdine couple, they got married in Redding CA, on July 12th 2008. All the hills around Redding just decided to catch fire just in time for their wedding, fire bombers, helicopters and thick smoke filled the air all weekend. The fires added a nice brown hue to a lot of my photos, I thought it gave things a nice vintage look, so i ran with it. This ended up being one of my favorite wedding, so the blisters my crappy dress shoes gave me were worth it.

Chris and Bryn 1 Chris and Bryn 2 Chris and Bryn 3 FCP_3932 Teaser 012 Teaser 023 Teaser 029 Teaser 045 Teaser 046 Teaser 051 Teaser 053 Teaser 059 Teaser 060


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Bethany and Nate| Texas Wedding Photography
| July 05th, 2008 |

Forrest and I met Bethany and Nate while attending college at LeTourneau University. Nate, Forrest and I were all in the aviation program there, and when it came time for Bethany and Nate to finally get married, we jumped at the opportunity to photograph it. Simple yet elegant Bethany and Nate had one of the coolest weddings I have ever been to, more than anything it was evident how much they loved each other, and how much every guest at their wedding loved each of them. A special thanks to Angela Duncan for coming out to help us.

B N0010 B N0109

B N0046 Bethany and Nate Wedding 2 B N0313 Bethany and Nate Wedding 1 B N0652 B N0680 B N0502

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Mike and Ally | Visalia Wedding Photography
| May 24th, 2008 |

Ally is a life long friend of mine, and it was a privilege to photograph her wedding. Mike and Ally got married at the Visalia Country Club which is always an easy and beautiful venue to work at. My favorite part was the group shots which were done at a very cool location out in the middle of no where called Good Goods. Thanks guys!

Ally Prep BM's mike and ally 1 mike and ally 2 mike and ally 3 mike and ally 4 mike and ally 5 Prep 182 Prep 209 purdy woah!

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Chris and Bryn | Malibu Engagement Photography
| April 25th, 2008 |

Thanks to a referral from my little bro, I booked a wedding in Malibu CA. Chris and Bryn were ton of fun to shoot, I cant get enough of the light you get at sunset on the beach, I thoroughly envy photographers that get to work with it every day.

C B 074 C B 107 C B 165 C B 222 C B 412 C B 442 C B 509 C B 511 Chris and Bryn 1 Chris and Bryn 2

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Greg and Amanda| Longview Texas Wedding Photography
| March 01st, 2008 |

Greg was my room mate back in college, and I was very happy to be able to photograph his wedding. Although I am am a little sad that Amanda stole him from me. The wedding was a beautiful wedding at the Summit II in Longview Texas. Greg and Amanda had some of the most unique wedding favors that I have ever seen, for each one of their guests they made a donation in each of their names to the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation and to the One campaign, two charities that both Greg and Amanda care a lot about.G A-170

Greg and Amanda Longview Texas Wedding Photographer

Greg and Amanda Longview Texas Wedding 2

April 7, 2011

what a lovely couple! nice photography.....

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Rinehart Sister’s | Iowa Wedding Photography
| December 15th, 2007 |

Welcome to the first official wedding shot under the name Third Element Studios! Welcome aboard Zach!

The Rinehart Sister’s got married on a freezing cold Iowa winter day. Josh Lowe was one of my best buds from college and I was really excited to get the chance to fly out and shoot his wedding. It turned out that the sisters got engaged at nearly the same time so they decided to have their weddings together. Basically the first set got married, the bridesmaids (all 8 sisters… wow) stayed put, up walked the next set of groomsmen and the second couple and they got married! Pretty cool. Made for one massive wedding party.

This was also the first wedding shot on my brand spankin’ new Nikon D3! Its kind of disturbing how much i like this camera… Groups 087 PF 07 PF 12 Sisters 1 Sisters 2 Sisters 3 Sisters 4 Sisters 5

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Portfolio | Wedding Photography
| May 29th, 1982 |


Sisters 2Sisters 4T E10T E11T E21T E172T E178T E239T E248T G_004T G_005Teaser001Teaser004teaser011THX097Untitled-1Vroop! 001Vroop! 003B N0109BM'sbrad and becca 1C B 165C B 412C B 442C B 511Chris and Alisa's Wedding Photographs004Chris and Alisa's Wedding Photographs005Chris and Alisa's Wedding Photographs013FCP_3932group compGroups 087Groups004Hillari and Nathan-193Hillari and Nathan-225Hillari and Nathan-1066Hillari and Nathan-1227J G008J L054J L060Jaime and Gio 3Jaime and Gio 4James and Lindsay_0063James and Lindsay_0151James and Lindsay_0181James and Lindsay_0423mike and ally 1mike and ally 4P D0232P P 1P P003

January 5, 2011
Glenna said:

Wow! I love your photos. And I am particularly in love with your shoe shots.

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