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Thomas and Laura | Visalia Wedding Photography
| June 04th, 2011 |

thomas laura header

Thomas and Laura tying the knot in a garden! When I first heard about the location for this wedding I had a hard time visualizing how it would all fit, but all I can say now is, WOW! Watson’s Veggie Garden on Main Street is definitely a tucked away gem. Even the drizzle of rain could not steal anything away from this quaint little spot. In this garden, Pastor Travis Aicklen officiating at the ceremony, brought this man and woman to husband and wife.

This vintage inspired wedding included flowers from Sweet Memories, with some of my favorites! One of the valley’s favorite places to dine, Fugazzi’s catered the wedding with delicious food.Musical stylizing for the processional was provided by the unique beard and voice of Jerrod Turner of the Gospel Whiskey Runners.

Now, let’s bring together the best of two worlds, Taylor’s Hot Dogs and Brewbakers beer! These late night dogs were a nice topper to the hungry bellies on the dance floor. Watching all the dancing feet, I couldn’t help but notice Thomas and his groomsmen ‘s feet, which were all fitted into a pair Toms Shoes. To add a sweet touch to the evening, there was a dessert table full of homemade goodies. One of the popular desserts of the night was the Oreo balls, enjoyed on unique plates that were collected from various thrift stores.

I can’t thank Thomas and Laura enough for having such a unique and beautiful wedding, and thank you for letting me be apart of it and thank you for making my job easy.TES_1258


You made it to the end! Check out their engagement photos here.

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June 14, 2011
Laura Vander Hoek said:

Just looked at them again and cried:) I love them Forrest!! Thank you so much!

June 17, 2011
Donna said:

I wasn't able to attend the wedding and it was nice to see the pictures. My favorites are Tomas and Laura dancing on the street, the Trolly car and them eating the hot dog. Great!

July 26, 2011
Jessica said:

LOVE LOVE LOVE. FABULOUS job! You effectively captured the emotions of the day/night! What better way to relive such an amazing day than with some amazing pictures?!

September 25, 2011
tari said:

Wow!!!!!! Amazing photos....


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Beth and Colin | Santa Cruz Wedding Photography
| March 19th, 2011 |


August 25, 2011
Beth Wilkinson said:

Forrest, you guys did such an amazing job. I couldn't have been happier with the way the pics turned out!!! Thank you so much!


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Thomas and Laura | San Luis Obispo Engagement Photography
| February 04th, 2011 |

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August 2, 2011
Andrei said:

Nice pics.

August 3, 2011
Audra said:

This couple is super adorable.. I think if I knew them in real life, we'd be friends 🙂 Great photos!

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Steve and Ten | Los Angeles Wedding Photography
| January 23rd, 2011 |


August 7, 2011

Wonderful post. A picture is worth than thousands words. Photography is indeed the best way to express your feelings and depicts the era. I love photography and look over the web for finding useful stuff for the same. I came across your blog and after subscribing in my feeder I hope you will keep on the good posts like this continuously. Thanks You

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Brandan and Alisa | San Diego Wedding Photography
| December 18th, 2010 |


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Naureen and Aamer | Indian Wedding Photography
| November 21st, 2010 |


Loooong blog post on its way, I just wanted to get these images up fast for the couple, happy turkey day everyone!

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December 2, 2010
Sasha said:

Great set! Especially 2nd image! Insane!

December 18, 2010
Ezra said:

These are beautiful

April 28, 2011
Naureen said:

Mind blowing

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Zach and Nettie | Paso Robles Wedding Photography
| October 03rd, 2010 |

Zach Header

My long time partner in crime just got married, ill let him tell you all about it. Zach, get on here and finish this blog post. Congrats buddy.

Sexy PhotoTES_6214TES_6245TES_6538TES_6543TES_6560TES_6564TES_6618TES_6619TES_6630TES_6681TES_6726TES_6728TES_6773TES_6962_HDRTES_7162TES_7194TES_7208TES_7209TES_7237_HDRTES_7273TES_7290_HDRTES_7303TES_7311_HDRTES_7697TES_7753

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Corey and Patty | Texas Wedding Photography
| September 25th, 2010 |


I went to college at Letourneau University in Longview TX. An experience that I loved, and one of the things that made it so enjoyable for me was the staff of the university. Staff that would call you on your cell phone when you didn’t show up to class to tell you to wake up and get to class (annoying and hilarious at the same time, especially because the whole class waited for me to show up before starting). In the case of Corey, he would stay up late and come meet with me when I was having trouble with something and needed advice. Corey really took the time to invest in the students and consequently is loved across the board by anyone who has gone to school there (the guy has 2600+ Facebook friends).

So as you can imagine is was very flattered to receive the call to fly out and shoot his wedding. I got to see lots of old friends, and eat at all my favorite restaurants from my college days. Congrats Corey and Patty! Thanks for letting be a part of your day!



November 27, 2010
Forrest said:

Groups shots on the couch were stellar, good job Zach!

April 5, 2011

the shot of the cloudy sky is just excellent! amazingly done.....

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