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Thomas and Laura | Visalia Wedding Photography
| June 04th, 2011 |

thomas laura header

Thomas and Laura tying the knot in a garden! When I first heard about the location for this wedding I had a hard time visualizing how it would all fit, but all I can say now is, WOW! Watson’s Veggie Garden on Main Street is definitely a tucked away gem. Even the drizzle of rain could not steal anything away from this quaint little spot. In this garden, Pastor Travis Aicklen officiating at the ceremony, brought this man and woman to husband and wife.

This vintage inspired wedding included flowers from Sweet Memories, with some of my favorites! One of the valley’s favorite places to dine, Fugazzi’s catered the wedding with delicious food.Musical stylizing for the processional was provided by the unique beard and voice of Jerrod Turner of the Gospel Whiskey Runners.

Now, let’s bring together the best of two worlds, Taylor’s Hot Dogs and Brewbakers beer! These late night dogs were a nice topper to the hungry bellies on the dance floor. Watching all the dancing feet, I couldn’t help but notice Thomas and his groomsmen ‘s feet, which were all fitted into a pair Toms Shoes. To add a sweet touch to the evening, there was a dessert table full of homemade goodies. One of the popular desserts of the night was the Oreo balls, enjoyed on unique plates that were collected from various thrift stores.

I can’t thank Thomas and Laura enough for having such a unique and beautiful wedding, and thank you for letting me be apart of it and thank you for making my job easy.TES_1258


You made it to the end! Check out their engagement photos here.

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June 14, 2011
Laura Vander Hoek said:

Just looked at them again and cried:) I love them Forrest!! Thank you so much!

June 17, 2011
Donna said:

I wasn't able to attend the wedding and it was nice to see the pictures. My favorites are Tomas and Laura dancing on the street, the Trolly car and them eating the hot dog. Great!

July 26, 2011
Jessica said:

LOVE LOVE LOVE. FABULOUS job! You effectively captured the emotions of the day/night! What better way to relive such an amazing day than with some amazing pictures?!

September 25, 2011
tari said:

Wow!!!!!! Amazing photos....


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James and Lindsay | San Jose Wedding Photography
| June 19th, 2010 |

James and Lindsay_head

James and Lindsay started dating way back when they were 16 and 17, and amazingly managed to survive dating long distance throughout college.

Their wedding was held at the beautiful Palmdale Estates.

This wedding had a ton a details to photograph, she rode up to the wedding in a horse drawn carriage, the boys showed up with the groups favorite beer in hand, "Pliny the Elder" (which was a fun prop), and the couple even peddled up to the reception on beach cruisers (yes Lindsay did ride a bike in her wedding dress, loved it).

The wedding was beautifully decorated, the location was amazing, the weather was perfect (look at those clouds!), and the couple picked the perfect time of day for it all to happen (sunset of course), enjoy!

group comp

James and Lindsay_0063 James and Lindsay_0151 James and Lindsay_0181 James and Lindsay_0423 James and Lindsay_0811James and Lindsay_0851James and Lindsay_1352 James and Lindsay_1479 James and Lindsay_1727 James and Lindsay_1921 James and Lindsay_2013 JL comp Untitled-1

June 29, 2010
James said:

Forrest and Zack these are awesome! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much!

June 29, 2010
Erika said:


June 30, 2010
Cathy said:

Thank you both so much! The pictures really capture the personality of the wedding party. It was pleasure to meet you both. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

June 30, 2010
Kathy said:

What an awesome job you both did! These pictures are stunning! I cannot wait to see the rest of them.

July 1, 2010
Sierra said:

Love them!!! I can't wait to see every shot! They are all beautiful. : )

July 7, 2010
Erin said:

Zach and Forrest, this is probably one of your best shoots...seriously amazing photos!!

July 7, 2010
Jessica said:

LOVE these pics! I keep coming back to the site to look at them again and again. Can't wait to see the rest!

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Shelby Griffin | Visalia Senior Portrait Photography
| April 24th, 2010 |

Good Tuesday to everyone, I’m still up burning the midnight oil to finish up Shelby’s Senior portraits. It was pretty hard for me to pick which ones to share, we took a pretty wide sweeping set of pictures covering lots of styles. She was a very quirky, artistic young lady, and quite a talented photographer herself! You can check out some of her work here and here. Shelby at one point attended Central Valley Christian, but then transferred to Golden West High School, where she is a soon to be graduating senior! My favorite part of her shoot was rolling around in her jeep at sunset, brought back lots of fond memories.

To see the whole set, go here (your going to have to ask her for the password though)

I actually met the Griffin’s while photographing their house for the December 2010 issue of Lifestyle Magazine.


DSC_0424 DSC_0494 DSC_1106_0192TES_0569DSC_1109_0195DSC_1332_0418 DSC_0545DSC_1249_0335

June 4, 2010

Great post! Please continue!

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Toms Shoes | One Day Without Shoes!
| April 08th, 2010 |

One Day Without Shoes is the day we spread awareness about the impact a simple pair of shoes can have on a child’s life. On April 8th, 1/4 million people went a day, part of the day or even just a few minutes, barefoot, to experience a life without shoes first-hand, and inspire others at the same time. We set up a photo booth at the 210 Cafe in Visalia to help do our part to share the love. Drop it MODERN© graciously donated a pair of back drops for everyone to play with. Enjoy!

To see all the photos go here!

Don’t forget to tag yourself and your friends! Might as well “Like” our Facebook page while you are there too =)

Day Without Shoes Booth 106

Day Without Shoes Booth 8 Day Without Shoes Booth 17 Day Without Shoes Booth 34 Day Without Shoes Booth 36 Day Without Shoes Booth 46 Day Without Shoes Booth 48 Day Without Shoes Booth 57 Day Without Shoes Booth 58 Day Without Shoes Booth 87

Forrest Cavale: Visalia Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Photographer

April 9, 2010
Megan said:

love the pictures

April 12, 2010
ufc betting said:

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April 12, 2010
Jen May said:

Thanks for taking photos of my mom and I. You got these up fast!

September 20, 2011

Interesting photo ideas. Thank you for sharing.

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Tamara and Erik | Malibu Wedding Photography
| December 12th, 2009 |

Tamara and Erik were married at the beautiful Stauffer Chapel at Pepperdine University in Malibu California. Tamra and Erik met while they were both attending Pepperdine University, and according to Tamra’s mom, Tamara was sure that she was going to marry Erik after their first date. The ceremony was full of close friends and family and it was a pleasure to photograph this beautiful wedding, the love that their families have for them was apparent through the whole weekend. Despite a rainy day Tamara made the best of it with matching rain boots and umbrellas for each of her bridesmaids. Even though it was raining on the day of their wedding, the weather was perfect for their engagement photos on the beach in Malibu California.

T E01 T E02 Untitled-1 T E04 T E06 T E09 Untitled-2 T E10 Untitled-1 T E11Rehearsal10

Forrest Cavale and Zach Niles are Wedding, Commercial, and Portrait Photographers for Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield and San Jose areas

April 9, 2010
Kristi said:

Great work. I've enjoyed looking over your blog. Your photos have a great magazine feel to them.

April 14, 2010
Nathan said:

Absolutely stunning! The bride is gorgeous!

May 1, 2010
Stephanie said:

wonderful, beautiful

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Tamara and Erik | Malibu Engagement Photography
| October 17th, 2009 |

Students at Pepperdine University, Tamara and Erik decided to have their engagement photos up in the hills and down on the beach. This was our first time integrating video in to a photo shoot, the video was shot with a Nikon D90 and still images were taken with a Nikon D3.

The success of  the “video portrait” taken during this photo shoot has inspired us to revamp our offerings completely, expect to see a lot more video in the future, and see a videographer joining the ranks very soon!

T E21 T E25 T E61 T E80 T E172 T E178 T E239 T E248 Untitled-1

April 8, 2010
Natalie said:

I love the picture of the couple kissing with the #2 in the background. Fantastic!!!

April 14, 2010
Nathan said:

This is my new favorite engagement session. The pictures are beautiful and they look so in love. I especially love the one of them sitting on the dock from behind. Great job!

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Preston and Phyllis | Yosemite Wedding Photography
| October 03rd, 2008 |

I was lucky enough to book a wedding in Yosemite CA, at The Ahwahnee Inn I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

P P003Rehearsal008Tunnel View_HDR2Groups003 Groups004 Groups005 P P 1 P P 2 P P 3Groups001 P P001 P P004 Prep005 Prep007 Reception001

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Portfolio | Portrait Photography
| May 29th, 1982 |


ben 1ben 2ben 3ben 4ben 5DSC_0424DSC_0533DSC_0693DSC_1109_0195FCP_2826FCP_3035FCP_3078 copyFCP_3239Hazel38IMG_2946Jamey Longview Visalia Portrait PhotographerJamey042Juice Jr 09Juice Jr 11Juice Jr 14Niles 001-distortioncorrectNiles 027Niles Family Visalia Portrait PhotographyPierceFamily -14PierceFamily -40PierceFamily -75Preston Castle Fashion Shoot 1Preston Castle Fashion Shoot 2Preston Castle Fashion Shoot 3Preston Castle Fashion Shoot 4Rough Castle 10skeels 1Skeels 106TES_0569The Whitten Family Portrait 0The Whitten Family Portrait 1 (1)The Whitten Family Portrait 2 (1)The Whitten Family Portrait 2The Whitten Family Portrait 3 (1)The Whitten Family Portrait 9toiletUntitled-1Wells055Well's114Well's148Well's151

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