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2 Friends Tour
| September 27th, 2011 |

Pictures from the “2 Friends Tour” are up!

Click here 








October 2, 2011
Olive said:

wonderful photo great atmosphere.


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Soledad and Victor | Fresno Wedding Photography
| October 30th, 2010 |

Soledad Header

This was an interesting situation, I only met Soledad a week before her wedding. She was having some health issues and was going to postpone her wedding, but at the last minute she was feeling better and everything was falling into place to go ahead with the same date they had planned before. Except for booking a photographer, luckily I had that weekend open.  Soledad and Victor got married at Peoples Church in Fresno CA. The reception was held at a little golf course tucked away in Fresno called San Joaquin Valley County Club. I wish I could have had more time to get to know everyone so I would have had more to blog about. But, what can you do, I was happy I was able to help with her beautiful last minute wedding!


February 3, 2011
Kevin Ford said:

Beautiful wedding, beautiful location and wonderful photographs. Great job on keeping the colors rich.

August 3, 2011
Mary Evelyn said:

Beutiful work! These are all memorable moments captured. TES truly aspires to be the best!

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Toms Shoes | One Day Without Shoes!
| April 08th, 2010 |

One Day Without Shoes is the day we spread awareness about the impact a simple pair of shoes can have on a child’s life. On April 8th, 1/4 million people went a day, part of the day or even just a few minutes, barefoot, to experience a life without shoes first-hand, and inspire others at the same time. We set up a photo booth at the 210 Cafe in Visalia to help do our part to share the love. Drop it MODERN© graciously donated a pair of back drops for everyone to play with. Enjoy!

To see all the photos go here!

Don’t forget to tag yourself and your friends! Might as well “Like” our Facebook page while you are there too =)

Day Without Shoes Booth 106

Day Without Shoes Booth 8 Day Without Shoes Booth 17 Day Without Shoes Booth 34 Day Without Shoes Booth 36 Day Without Shoes Booth 46 Day Without Shoes Booth 48 Day Without Shoes Booth 57 Day Without Shoes Booth 58 Day Without Shoes Booth 87

Forrest Cavale: Visalia Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Photographer

April 9, 2010
Megan said:

love the pictures

April 12, 2010
ufc betting said:

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April 12, 2010
Jen May said:

Thanks for taking photos of my mom and I. You got these up fast!

September 20, 2011

Interesting photo ideas. Thank you for sharing.

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After The Storm | Visalia Landscape Photography
| April 07th, 2010 |

As many of you experienced, we had a storm of seemingly biblical proportions  today in the central valley. I got caught outside and when I finally got back to my car my jeans looked as though I jumped in to a pool. Thankfully my years as a competitive swimmer have taught me to always have a towel in my trunk! I was driving through the country just outside of Sanger when there was a break from the storm and I saw an amazing double rainbow. Here are some quick snaps as I jumped out of my car for a few seconds.DSC_9477 DSC_9525 TES_1006 Untitled-1

April 14, 2010
Forrest said:

Biblical proportions?! Silly Zach, you must have forgotten what it was like in the Midwest... Nice photos though =)

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Lake Tahoe | Travel Photography
| February 12th, 2010 |

My mates and I ran up to Tahoe for the weekend, had a splendid time, so much so I decided to share it with you!

Tahoe 1


Whats the matter Tom?! Smell something funny?


We played some card games…


Skipped some rocks…


Climbed some rocks…


Swung on some swings…

Tahoe14 Tahoe15 Tahoe16 Tahoe17 Tahoe19 Tahoe22 Tahoe23 Tahoe25

Ya’ll should come next time!

Forrest Cavale: Visalia Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Photographer

April 14, 2010
Nathan said:

It looks like a commercial shoot for North Face or something like that. Awesome shots!

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Cancun Mexico | Travel Photography
| January 13th, 2010 |

Lots of people wonder what vacation photos look like when a photographer takes a vacation. I was fortunate enough to travel to Cancun Mexico for a week of relaxation with some close family and friends. Not wanting to lug around massive amounts of photo equipment all I took was a Nikon D90 and the Nikkor 18-200 VR lens, an affordable setup that is perfect for anybody looking to upgrade their photo equipment.Cancun2010-014


The pools at our hotel were amazing, and this lap pool made doing my morning swim workouts more enjoyable then they have ever been. Why can’t we have this back in Visalia?



The cenotes in the Rivera Maya are truly one of the most amazing sites I have ever seen. They look like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. This particular cenote had ledges to jump off of and I couldn’t resist myself.Cancun2010-189


The Mayan ruins at Ek’ Balam are phenomenal, and getting to see and climb them ranks among the top 10 coolest things I have ever done. Ek’ Balam means black jaguar in Mayan and this city was once a thriving metropolis in the center of the Mexican jungle. Even though it was chilly out on the beach in Cancun, the temperature soared to a high in the upper 80’s out here (and it was January!).

Mayan Temple 1

Probably one the most famous of the Mayan Ruins is the temple complex at Chichen Itza, and while it is not possible to climb the big pyramid anymore we did somehow manage to get a private after hours tour of the whole complex, which included an after dark visit to the observatory where the Mayan Astronomers studied the stars and developed plans for some of the amazing events which happen with the architecture of the Chichen Itza temple.




April 9, 2010
Lynn-Ann said:

Those are gorgeous! Zach, I'm so sorry you have to suffer like that for your trade! 🙂

April 10, 2010
Zach said:

Who said suffering? I was on vacation!

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Yokohl Valley | Fine Art Landscapes
| December 07th, 2009 |

I was driving home from work the other day, when the sun poked out of the clouds. I luckily had my D3 in the car, and decided to take a detour through Yokohl Valley. This is a small selection of what i was lucky enough to see, and photograph.


yokohl 1 yokohl 2 yokohl 3 yokohl 4 yokohl 5

April 8, 2010
mike said:

dude these pictures rock! you def got some major talent!

April 14, 2010
Nathan said:

That first picture makes me want to drive down that road and see where it goes REALlY REALLY badly. I love it!

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Jimmy’s 98th Birthday | Visalia Lifestyle Photography
| November 10th, 2009 |

My wiener dog Jimmy turned 98! (in dog years of course, 14 in human years) Happy birthday buddy!

P.S. I added a random photo i took while photographin’ Jimmy because I liked it, deal with it =)

jimmy002 jimmy001 jimmy003 jimmy004 jimmy005

February 10, 2010
Joe said:

Shouldn't there be 98 candles on his "cake"?

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