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Hazel | Visalia Baby Portraits
| March 19th, 2010 |

My neighbors daughter was in town yesterday, and she needed some photos for Hazel’s first birthday party invitation. Happy Birthday Hazel! She’s kind of ridiculous cute isn’t she =)Hazel1 Hazel2 Hazel10 Hazel38

I had a little bunny rabbit bouncy toy rudder banded to my lens, it didn’t take her long to to get a hold of it =)


Forrest Cavale: Visalia Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Photographer

March 21, 2010
Jessica said:

These are gorgeous photos; what an adorable baby! Love the Spring colors!

April 8, 2010
Jamie said:

LOVE them! The colors are great & she's such a beauty! Also, this is my first visit and I LOVE your blog - really cool design!

April 8, 2010
Renee said:

awww she is a cutie!!!

April 9, 2010
Debbie said:

absolutely adorable!! great work!


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