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Lake Tahoe | Travel Photography
| February 12th, 2010 |

My mates and I ran up to Tahoe for the weekend, had a splendid time, so much so I decided to share it with you!

Tahoe 1


Whats the matter Tom?! Smell something funny?


We played some card games…


Skipped some rocks…


Climbed some rocks…


Swung on some swings…

Tahoe14 Tahoe15 Tahoe16 Tahoe17 Tahoe19 Tahoe22 Tahoe23 Tahoe25

Ya’ll should come next time!

Forrest Cavale: Visalia Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Photographer

April 14, 2010
Nathan said:

It looks like a commercial shoot for North Face or something like that. Awesome shots!


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